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We work with businesses that are focused on building better societies, promoting active lifestyles or encouraging a connection with nature.

Founded to bring agency expertise to smaller businesses with a flexible studio approach, we believe in being honest, ambitious and solution focussed. Our mission is to close the gap between business and creativity.

We’re a small team of specialists that have committed to doing meaningful work, exceptionally well. It’s what fills us with energy, keeps us creative and aligns everyone around maximising impact.

We’re people, who work with people. We’re always transparent, understandable and honest. We’ll tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. It can be challenging at times, but it’s the foundation of our collaborative culture and leads to fantastic results.

We’re unique in that alongside creative and marketing expertise, our team also has a wealth of business experience. Having mentored hundreds of high growth startups and scaling businesses across the UK, in almost every industry, we bring a unique perspective to our work. It’s also what allows us to ask powerful questions and produce work that supports your business goals. A strategy-first approach that really works.

Based on Ynys Môn, surrounded by stunning coastline and dramatic mountains, we’re a bilingual studio working with clients across the UK. Time for an inspiring trip to North Wales?

Our name

The parallel of latitude 23°26ʹ north or south of the equator...

Two imaginary lines between which diversity, personality and ingenuity thrive. In the face of constant change, challenge and opportunity.

Business, inspired by nature. Much in the same way that businesses must constantly evolve, overcome challenges, compete, co-exist and capitalise on new opportunities, the 80% of all species on the planet that reside here must do the same.

Tropic is both a creative studio where personalities and ideas thrive within our team, and a studio that helps businesses focussed on improving our world to maximise their impact.

our values

The core values that drive everything we do...

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Feeling free to be yourself and to be curious sits at our core. It nurtures creativity, better relationships and great ideas. It allows us to work with clarity and focus every day.

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We believe anything is possible. Even the seemingly impossible. It’s rarely easy, but with a commitment to being ambitious our clients are able to achieve more than they imagined, while we continue to learn & grow every day.

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No single mind has all the answers. We love it when different perspectives combine to create something awesome. It’s not about compromise, but about being open minded and willing to learn new ways of seeing and doing things. All aligned around a common goal.

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Each person at Tropic has a huge role to play in helping you do something meaningful and impactful. It’s why we celebrate our individual talents, encourage personalities to thrive and laugh about our quirks. We all ask questions, challenge perceptions and explore interests to grow as individuals and as a team.
Olu Peyrasse

Olu Peyrasse

CO-FOUNDER + Strategic Director

Catrin Owen

Catrin Owen


Emma Hewson

Emma Hewson


Amy Davies

Amy Davies


Travis Eyles

Travis Eyles


Anna Williamson

Anna Williamson


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