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We create brands, websites and marketing campaigns. For businesses focused on building better societies, promoting active lifestyles or encouraging a connection with nature.

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The workshops...


Social media 101

Understand how to pick the right platform to advertise your business. You’ll learn how each platform works, when you might want to use it and how to use it for maximum effect.


Build your brand

Learn the difference between a logo and a brand identity, and why it matters. You’ll then work through a series of exercises to identify your brand strategy, the different elements you need and the best order to approach them in.


Digital marketing

In this workshop, you will discover the principles and tools behind good digital marketing. Learn how to set realistic targets and how to avoid spending money where it’s likely to be wasted.


Setting and achieving ambitious goals

It’s one thing having a vision, it’s another turning that into reality. Get ready to achieve your goals in 2024 and year and learn how to stay on track whatever comes your way.


Increasing website conversions

You’ve done all the hard work getting people to your website – don’t lose them now! This workshop will focus on what helps visitors convert into customers and what turns them away.


Pitch your business & communicate with confidence

This workshop will guide you through a tried and tested methodology to feel clearer about your offering and what sets you apart from the competition, full of confidence and no longer held back by the fear you’ve experienced before.


Boost your digital presence

With lower attention spans than ever, businesses need to be seen online. This workshop will guide you through some of the most common tools and platforms, explain when you will or won’t need to use them, and show you how to set them up correctly.

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